Note to puzzled human readers: This page exists only to frustrate bots which go hunting on Web pages for addresses to send junk mail to. If everyone added one of these pages, it would make their job much tougher.

Please note that I've used phony domain names and spammer or otherwise abusive domain names throughout, and highly improbable user names even with the spammer domains, so that bona fide ISP's don't get burdened with this mail.

Joohnel Smith

Freid Jones

Fred C. Jones

Fredd Junes

John Smiths

Abagail Joneset

Fred C. Jones

Stanley D. Smith

Fred E. Jones

Fired Jones

Red Fones

Freed Jones

Joohn Smith

Stanley Smith

Joihn Smith

Leonard Kirk

Fraudo Gelfling

Stanley R. Smith

Bohn Smith

Dred Jones

John D. Smith

Fred E. Jones

John F. Smith

Abagail G. Junes

Raudo Fraudling

A. Vogel

Jon Smith

Ronald O. Terrenche

Pohn Smith

Ffred Junes

Abagail Jeaes

Fred Junteses

Jeohn Smith

Faared Jones

H. Edward Letwis II

A. Stanley Smith

B. Abagail Jones

C. Sohn Jmith

D. Fred Jones

Jane Smith

John F. Smih

Abagail G. Jules

Joh Smith

Freda Junes

Hohn Smith

Getoff Myblig

Jred Fones

Tohn Smith

Ared Jones

Mona Lith

Fred W. Jones

John Skith

Ewre Clones

J. John Jith

S. LeGris

Mon O. Loth

Fredd Jones

John Smishs

Stanley R. Smish

Fred C. Jones

John D. Smish

I. A. Tollow

Foed E. Jones

John F. Smish

Jahn Smish

Foed G. Jones

Abagail Jone

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Fried Jones

Joh Smish

C. John Runn

Donald I. Egblert

Runn John Runn

J. Stanley Szith

Abagail Z. Quones

Red Bones

Red Skileton

Dead Bones

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Shelip Cloes

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J. C. Calhoun

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Dear Bones

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John D. Truth

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Joohn Tith

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Docktor Phake

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Soy L. Green

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Dred P. Roberts

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Abagail G. Junes

F. Raudo Ling

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Gidada Mablog

Roald O. Terrench

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Fgred Junes

Scholar Lee Spammar

Goda Mu

Fred Funteses

Gota Hel

Fred Spham

U. R. Schuett

Dirr T. Sphamma

Fred C. Jones

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