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Tomorrow's Songs Today: The History of Filk Music. is now available!



Here's my business web site, if that's what you were looking for.

Here's a note on my Twitter accounts.

My writing, external links

Building My World: My general-purpose blog.

File Formats Blog: A blog for data geeks.

Files That Last: My ebook on digital preservation for everygeek.

My Twitter profile

The Freeman: All the articles which I've written for The Freeman are available online.

Compute!'s Guide to Adventure Games, my 1984 book, on Scribd. This is, as far as I can tell, a legitimate copy, though I didn't put it there. Compute! Books paid for the book as a work for hire, and the current owner, Omni Publications, doesn't object to the posting of old Compute! titles.

YouTube: My YouTube page lists some videos which I like. I don't have any uploads or current plans to upload anything.

On this site

Photo album. Travel, SF cons, cats, etc.

Secure mail on doesn't give you much information about how to set up secure email. Here's an attempt to remedy it, with special attention to Thunderbird and iOS mail.

Book Reviews: Reviews of books that I've read.

The Book of M'Gath: Philosophical essays. Babylon 5 fans will know where the name comes from.

Model and Reality: An online book commenting on the philosophy of science, particularly the relationship of computers and the mind.

Filk and Other Music: Filk music is the folk music of science fiction fandom. It is often performed at science fiction conventions, and several conventions each year are dedicated exclusively to filk.

The Periodic Fan Table: A layout diagram of fan tables at a convention may resemble the usual diagram of the Periodic Table, and such a thought can only lead to trouble.

Fanfic: Two pun-filled Harry Potter spoofs, "HP and the Programmer's Printer" and "HP and the Eye of Tripoli," in which Hugh Packard learns the truth behind his Mundane upbringing, enters Bugwarts School of Computing and Programming, and faces the threat of Lord Petitmol. "Prolog in Heaven," in which God confers with his software development team of archangels on the biggest project ever.

The good and the bad: Some favorite local businesses of mine and a few warnings about various sleazy operations you may encounter.

Notes of a "Retired" Consultant: Reflections on almost twenty years in my own business, and advice for those entering the field.

The Evil Counsellor's advice list: The Evil Overlord's advice list is well known, but Evil Counsellors such as Haman and Wormtongue need advice too.

Klanston, Rhode Island?: The story of religious fanaticism in a modern New England town.

Dan Schulz, Scott Wirkus, Bob Meyrowitz, and Eyada: An account of harassment and threats against me over a period of years.

John Kerry's advocacy of involuntary servitude for minors: Salvaged from a Google cache after he deleted it from his website in 2004. Possibly of historical interest.

My public PGP key.

Notes, etc.

You can send email to my first name plus my last initial at Please don't post that address publicly.

As of November 2, 2015, I have never been issued a National Security Letter. I'll update this periodically while it remains true. If I don't, it might mean I've just forgotten to. Or it might mean something else. (I'm not updating it daily, maybe three or four times a year.)

In accordance with S. 877, passed by the United States House and Senate in 2003, the following legal notice is given: I will not give, sell, or otherwise transfer addresses maintained by or online service to any other party for the purposes of initiating, or enabling others to initiate, electronic mail messages, except by the consent of the owner of the address. The posting of this notice makes it illegal for spammers to use addresses harvested from this site.

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